March 2012

pine picnic tableOwner/Operator:

Steven Vivian - Army Veteran - Army Corp of Engineers
Gibraltar, MI, USA

About Me:

I like to work with my hands - build things.

Upon my son playing with his G.I. Joe action figures, he commented to me that there really is a lack of items for which his action figures could sit down or be able to dine without the other nifty accessories falling from their laps or being unable to be grasped in the first place.

With his small lament, I set about making a 1/6 scale picnic table and although my son was rather pleased with the end product, it made me realize that he was right - there are certain details about playing with action figures that is really ignored. Much of it has to do with basecamp in general. I know that I had a few folding tables but where does Joe eat at? Where does he sit? Also - there is a general lack of items that may not be necessarily be military issue.

What does Joe do for fun? Fish? Hunt?

After all, I was trying to steer my son away from just violence and war. I wanted him to think about more activities action figures might be involved in. I wanted him to explore other parts of his imagination - where G.I. Joe might explore and kick back and relax once in a while. Not every soldier can be on call 24-7, after all. They need to enjoy life.

pine picnic tableIt just made me think I'd like to market some other 1/6 scale items - so I am looking into camping gear, fishing gear and other adventure equipment - like tents, sleeping bags, camp chairs, benches, pedestal tables, adirondac furniture - there really is no limit.

But for now, I have picnic tables and a few other items. I hope you like them.

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