March 2012

My G.I. Joe inventory is entirely 1:6 scale action figures that were sold circa 1999 and is brand new, never removed from the box - shipped straight from Hasbro. Since then, the items have been stored in a smoke-free and sunless, dry environment.

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Image Item No. Quantity Description Type Unit Price Each [USD]
korean pilot gear GI2001 6 GI Joe USAF Korean Pilot Battle Gear Accessory Pack Card 16.25
heavy weapons set GI2002 4 GI Joe Heavy Weapons Set Accessory Pack Card 17.75
navajo code talker GI2003 1 GI Joe Navajo Code Talker
[Works! Talks w/ 7 Phrases]
Figure Box 54.23
navajo code talker GI2004 1 GI Joe Navajo Code Talker
[Low Battery from being in Storage - Talks w/ 7 Phrases]
Figure Box 54.23
tuskegee fighter pilor GI2005 1 GI Joe Classic Collection
Tuskegee Fighter Pilor
Figure Box 33.21
operation lions den GI2006 3 GI Joe 2010
Operation: Lions Den
Figure Card 13.75
operation alpine assault GI2007 3 GI Joe 2010
Operation: Alpine Assault
Figure Card 35.48
operation shadow ops GI2008 5 GI Joe 2010
Operation: Shadow Ops
Figure Card 24.98
honor guard GI2009 1 GI Joe Honor Guard Figure Box 75.25
ethnic honor guard GI2010 1 GI Joe Ethnic Honor Guard Figure Box 65.18
korean soldier gear GI2011 1 GI Joe Korean Soldier Set Accessory Pack Card 11.20
grenade thrower GI2012 3 GI Joe Grenade Thrower Figure Card 27.73
freedom in kuwait city GI2013 1 GI Joe Top Secret Orders:
Freedom in Kuwait City
Accessory Pack Card 20.75
mine sweeper GI2014 2 GI Joe Army Mine Sweeper Figure Card 26.39
gi joe keychain GI2015 1 GI Joe Action Sailor
Detachable Keychain
[3 3/4" Fully-Articulated Small Figure]
Figure Sm. Box 4.13

GI Joe Hall of Fame items - being older - may have a bit more wear than items above. Although having been stored, these items are over 30 years old now. Some packaging may have bent corners and some items may have yellowed plastic. If you have any questions or concerns about a particular item's condition, please feel free to contact us. Thank you!
hof jungle patrol gear GI4001 2 Hall of Fame [c.1980s]
Jungle Patrol Mission Gear
Accessory Pack Card 13.73
hof urban swat gear GI4002 2 Hall of Fame [c.1980s]
Urban SWAT Weapons Arsenal
Accessory Pack Card 12.89
hof high caliber gear GI4003 1 Hall of Fame [c.1980s]
High Caliber Weapons Arsenal
Accessory Pack Card 17.73
hof red beret gear GI4004 1 Hall of Fame [c.1980s]
Red Beret Weapons Arsenal
Accessory Pack Card 9.94
hof duke with electronic sonic fighter battle weapon GI4005 1 Hall of Fame [c.1980s]
Duke w/ Electronic Sonic Fighter
Battle Weapon
Figure Box 30.20
hof green beret gear GI4006 1 Hall of Fame [c.1980s]
Green Beret Weapons Arsenal
Accessory Pack Card 10.76
hof mobile artillery assault accessory GI2007 1 Hall of Fame [c.1980s]
Mobile Artillery Assault Accessory
Accessory Pack Box 14.24


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