March 2012

Picnic Tables for Sale!As new items become available, I will post them here.

I finally have the Warhammer items page up! There will probably be more items added as I dig through storage, but this is from one of the boxes I found recently.

Right now we have the Picnic Table, Army Folding Cot, Bookshelf, Shipping Pallet, K-ration Crate, Grenade Crate, Rustic Coffin, Formal Coffin, and our newest item: the Rifle Crate!

:: 1:6 Scale Accessories ::

New this month!

Ye Old Pine Box - Rustic Wooden Coffin! and the Modern Formal Coffin. After all, G.I. Joe meets his maker at some point and don't you want to give him a proper send off?

rustic coffin modern coffin

The Rifle Crate!

rifle crate

Also, please visit:

The New [and improved] Bookshelf and the Army-Style Folding Cot!

folding cot



[cloth pattern shown]
Work is complete on the folding cot. Very happy with it!


grenade crate - holds 50!

Now we have added the Grenade Crate [holds 50 1:6 scale hand grenades, as seen to the right].

If you're tired of storing all those pesky 1:6 scale hand grenades in ziplock bags or haing them sink to the bottom of your accessory boxes, then this is the item for you!

The Development page has been updated, so please make sure to check it out along with the Links page, too!

I am working on the coffin [by request].

Currently, I have some inventory for G.I. Joe and Action Man figures that I have left over from when I used to sell G.I. Joe online back in 1999/2000. These items came directly from Hasbro, and in many cases have been stored in their original shipping boxes since then.

As such, that means they are "new", never removed from box, nearly mint items that have been in a smokeless/uv-free environment since I received them.

I have now uploaded that inventory, so have a look!

Action Man

G.I. Joe

Other Action Figures


As I go through my toys inventory, I will be adding more product, including Warhammer items and other action figures and accessories that I have either purchased directly from the manufacturer or have collected on my own over the years.

I want to thank you for visiting my website! If you have any questions, ideas, wishes or comments, feel free to contact us. Check back often to see what is new and upcoming!