March 2012

Please feel free to come back and check often to see when there is new content added. I have a lot of inventory and I am just sorting through it and making sure my items are both in good condition and satisfactory to sell.

Items have been stored in a smoke-free and sunless, dry environment.

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Image Item No. Quantity Description Type Unit Price Each [USD]
star wars episode 1 anakin OT8001 1 Star Wars Episode I Anakin Figure Box 7.75
star trek first contact jean luc picard OT8002 1 Star Trek First Contact Jean Luc Picard Figure Box 6.74
mcfarlane toys wet works ultra action vampire OT8003 1 Wet Works Ultra-Action Vampire
[McFarlane Toys]
Figure Card 2.49

Action Jackson items - being older - may have a bit more wear than items above. Although having been stored, these items are very old now. Packaging may have bent corners, yellowed plastic or box wear. If you have any questions or concerns about a particular item's condition, please feel free to contact us. Thank you!
[pic forthcoming] OT8004 1 Mego Action Jackson Navy Uniform
[Clothing only]
Accessory Set Box 47.72
[pic forthcoming] OT8005 1 MegoAction Jackson Army Uniform
[Clothing only]
Accessory Set Box 47.72
[pic forthcoming] OT8006 1 Loose!
Mego Action Jackson Action Figure
with Army Uniform
[minus Canteen and Boots]
Figure Each 10.20


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